What's New?
We are excited to bring on several new meat vendors to increase our available supply of delicious poultry, beef, bison, fish, and more. We've been actively working with local and regional producers to further strengthen our supply chain and make sure the items you need are available.
We continue to monitor our capacity throughout the week and extend our store shopping hours, allowing for more advance communication and more shopping time on late-week deliveries. We are actively working on ways to provide additional time for Monday deliveries. Thanks for your patience as we work towards resuming our standard schedule.
Delivery Week of 5/25–5/29: Updates and Announcements
Please take note of these updated announcements regarding deliveries the week of 5/25–5/29:
Store Opening and Closing
The store opens Thursday at noon for all members. Please complete your orders early for best product availability. As we work back towards our standardized schedule, we continue to adjust store closing to allow for more customization time. The planned store hours for this week are:
• Monday deliveries: Close at 6AM Friday
• Tuesday deliveries: Closes 11:59PM Sunday
• Wednesday deliveries: Closes 11:59PM Monday
• Thursday deliveries: Closes 11:59PM Tuesday
• Friday deliveries: Closes 11:59PM Wednesday
Items Out of Stock
Our supply chain is robust, but we are still experiencing fluctuations in product availability outside of our control. We may need to remove some items from orders if they are unable to be fulfilled.
Thank you for choosing to do your grocery shopping with us. Stay safe and healthy!
-Your friends at Green Bean Delivery

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