What's the Scoop?
It's been a busy week here at Green Bean. The utility of home grocery delivery has become increasingly apparent as families adapt their routines to social-distancing guidelines. Our amazing and dedicated team has been working tirelessly around the clock, doing everything possible to deliver you excellent service at this important time.
This past week, we made the decision to close the store early and lock in the needs of the week ahead. Thank you for your understanding as we work to manage a challenging time for parts of the supply chain while keeping in mind our production and delivery capacity. The store is now open for placing next week's orders.
Service changes for 3/23-3/27
Please take note of the following important announcements regarding deliveries the week of 3/23-3/27:
Changing your delivery day
We are temporarily disabling the ability to change your currently-assigned delivery day. Balancing the order volume across the week improves our sourcing and fulfillment capabilities, and helps ensure fair distribution of inventory to all customers.
Monday Deliveries
A portion of Tuesday and Wednesday deliveries will be re-assigned to Monday delivery. Please stay tuned for additional communication if you are in this group, and check your delivery schedule over the weekend to confirm your delivery day. This will continue into the following weeks until we notify you otherwise. If your delivery day is adjusted we will notify you via email.
Order Deadlines
At this time, the deadline for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday orders is Saturday at 11:59PM. The deadline for Thursday/Friday orders is Monday at 11:59PM. Please visit our store and customize your order early - if and when a day starts to exceed our capacity, we will need to close it until the following week. We ask for your understanding regarding this action.
Items out of stock
We are experiencing higher than usual fluctuations in product availability. Some items may need to be removed from orders if they are unable to be fulfilled. Our policy adjustments and reduced store hours are in place to help us manage out of stocks and assure inventory to all customers on all delivery days.
Local businesses need support more than ever during this time, and we are actively collaborating with farmers, artisans, and food industry partners to create business solutions to help our community. We are looking at any and all ways to utilize our infrastructure to help our customers and food partners during this difficult time.
Thank you for your continued support. Please follow our communications as we continue to make necessary service adjustments week-to-week.
Matt Ewer – CEO Green Bean

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