Steak, Ribeye

Steak, Ribeye


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This flavorful, boneless cut of prime rib is a favorite of steak lovers. Due to its rich marbling, it is one of the most savory and juicy steaks available. One grass-fed ribeye steak per package. Foxhollow Farm is a 1300 acre farm just outside Louisville in Crestwood, Kentucky. Their mission is to use the most compassionate and earth-friendly farming practices in order to raise their grass fed beef and care for their land. They are committed to biodynamic methods of agriculture which has been researched and practiced for over 80 years worldwide. This means no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, no antibiotics or growth hormones, and a step further than organic methods by using specially prepared sprays made from organic matter such as herbs, quartz crystal, and compost. These sprays bring nutrients to the soil and increase the vitality and sustainability of the plant and animal life on the farm. Priced by weight – Final invoice price may differ from average price shown based on exact weight.
  • Kentucky
100% grass fed beef. Locally raised, no added antibiotics, no added hormones.

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