King Salmon Filet, Individual

King Salmon Filet, Individual

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Delicious, Wild Alaskan salmon, fresh off the boat! Fillets range from 4-7 oz. Frozen and vacuum-sealed to preserve flavor and freshness. Tony Wood, fisherman and owner of Wild Alaska Salmon Co, is a personal friend of ours. All summer long Tony and his crew cruise the icy waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska catching wild salmon. They bring the catch to shore twice daily for quick processing at their own facility. The fish are portioned, immediately flash frozen and then vacuum sealed to maintain the natural flavor and beautiful texture of these wild salmon. Why eat wild caught salmon? The taste is unparalleled and it’s really good for you. Wild caught salmon doesn’t have the artificial coloring, growth hormones or pharmaceuticals that can be found in farmed salmon. These beauties from the north are high in Omega-3s, abundant in many essential vitamins and a great source of protein! Wild Alaska Salmon is as concerned with sustainability as they are with quality! Through the efforts of the state and environmentalists, the salmon population is protected and ensured to be viable for years to come.
Wlid Alaska King Salmon

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