Seasoning, Adobo
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Seasoning, Adobo

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Adobo Seasoning is an authentic Mexican spice mixture traditionally used for South of the Border flavor. Colonel De’s adobo seasoning is flavorful, but not hot; adding the perfect spice to your next dish. Add 1/2 teaspoon per pound for chicken, beef, pork chops, ribs or cutlets, burritos, or to spice up a bland salsa. If you make your own guacamole, adobo will take it to a new level. The man, the myth, the mustache. Colonel De’s love for the spices of life started in his mother’s kitchen. Later his pursuit to learn all he could about herbs & spices culminated in the creation of his first e-book, a kind of encyclopedia of flavors, titled, “All About Herbs & Spice”. Now with a store in Historic Findlay Market, De is simply known as “The Colonel”. The proud Kentucky Colonel boasts an array of fantastic flavors
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