Honey, Large
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Honey, Large

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Carriage House Farms honey is harvested and bottled within 20 miles or less of downtown Cincinnati, and is some of the finest local honey in the region, dynamic and full-flavored. Richard Marion Stewart, great-grandson of Job and Missouri Hayes, the 19th century founders of the farm, has continued farming and expanding over the past 50 years. Richard Michael Stewart, son of Richard Sr., is continuing the family tradition on the land, while leading the farm into the next generation. The Stewart family believes that America’s farm heritage must be preserved and they are doing their part to help preserve farm land along the Miami River. The Stewart’s love for Beekeeping began in 2006 when they came across one of their great grandfather’s antique hives. He had kept bees close to 100 years ago as a hobby and a way of helping to pollinate the family’s apple orchard. Richard Jr. found an immediate passion for beekeeping as soon as he began and started his own business. We are proud to offer Carriage House Farm’s one-of-a-kind honey to our members, as well as other goodies such as traditionally stone-ground cornmeal.
  • Ohio
100% pure local honey

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