Chicken, Whole

Chicken, Whole

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3.75 lb Missouri
  • Missouri
This chicken was raised on a pasture and fed all-natural feed. Chicken the way it’s supposed to taste! Average weight is about 3.74 lbs. Buttonwood Farm, located in California, Missouri, was established in 2010 by Matt & Eleanor Tiefenbrun. Buttonwood Farm raises all-natural poultry for the St. Louis region and for Green BEAN Delivery members in St. Louis. All of their birds are raised on pasture and fed all-natural feed. “We raise poultry in a way we’re proud to talk about–on green pasture and a natural diet–and such that we can provide delicious, tender birds, affordably,” said Eleanor Tiefenbrun. Buttonwood Farm’s whole chickens average weight is about 3.74 lbs, and they are available, in addition to Buttonwood’s delicious ground turkey. Add some farm-fresh flavor to your order this week, and taste the difference! Priced by weight – Final invoice price may differ from average price shown based on exact weight.


All natural, pasture raised, free range chicken

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